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Texas Holdem Pub Poker League

Welcome to the Ace of Spades Pub Poker League part of the Ace of Spades network.
Poker is the fastest growing past time in the world.

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Play free Texas Hold'em poker at a pub near you. Beginner tables available. Meet new poker players, win league points, and have the chance to win upto 100 cash on the night. Our pub Poker league players can play for free (NO COVER CHARGES) and have fun while testing their poker skills in real tournament play,

The Ace of Spades pub poker league gives you a chance to test your poker skills against live players, Unlike playing poker online our pub poker league players benefit by playing poker in person. A great chance to practice the all important body language 'reads' or 'tells' not available online.
Poker is the fastest growing past time in the world.

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Having a poker league tournament in your pub is a great way of recapturing the entertainment market and maximising the use of fixed cost space on an otherwise quiet night. Our poker league is completely legal and we comply with all gaming laws as set out by the gambling commission

Our Pub Poker league offers a fun way to attract new customers to your pub by getting players from surrounding areas into your pub or venue. Most of these players will keep returning to play poker again, as they try to score more league points. After a few weeks, some of these players may come back to your pub on other non pub poker league nights. We currently cover Dorset and Hampshire on the South Coast, poker league spreading to new pubs/venues across the south coast soon.

Ace of Spades Poker League turn a quiet night into a busy night.
We are currently experiencing problems with updating the league tables. An update can be found on our Facebook page by CLICKING HERE!
This current season began Apr 17th and ends on Aug 6th 2017.
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There are always new venues joining the Pub Poker League so keep checking back to find a pub near you.

With the take over of The Ace of Spades Poker League, we hope to be stocking the BLUFF Poker Magazine once again soon!
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