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League Players: 6,105
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Founded in 2004 by Simon & Ruby Dancey, the Ace of Spades Poker League was set up in responce to the ever increasing demand for quality amature poker tournaments. We have over 28 years experience in the Casino and Poker Industries. We have four Invitational Tournaments a year, Tournaments take place at the end of each of Ace of Spades Poker Leagues four seasons of play.

Our poker league provides Texas Hold'em poker at a pub near you. Beginner poker tables available. Meet new poker players, win league points, and have the chance to win upto 100 cash on the night. Our pub Poker league players can play for free (NO COVER CHARGES) and have fun while testing their poker skills in real tournament play.

The Ace of Spades Pub Poker League gives you a chance to test your poker skills against live players, Unlike playing poker online, our pub poker league players benefit by playing poker in person. A great chance to practice the all important body language 'poker reads' or 'poker tells' not available online. Learn how to tell the fish from the sharks. Poker is the fastest growing past time in the world.

At the beginning of November 2013, the Ace of Spades Poker League was purchased by Firstmagic Limited, who own and operate The Lion's Head Pub, who were the first venue to hold the Ace of Spades Poker League games.
Please gamble responsibly. For more information and advice visit
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