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League Players: 6,105
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The Rules
1. Repeated acts of aggression/ unsociable behaviour or any act of violence will result in a permanent expulsion of that member from the poker league.

2. Players that are under the influence of alcohol will be omitted from the game.

a) Members will agree to play no more than 5.00 stake in any one game and that no more than 100.00 prize fund can be played for in any one venue during a 24 hour period, commencing at midday. Unless the game is held in a private members club, where upon a maximum of 10.00 may be staked and 250.00 may be won.
b) Games being held in a private members club where only 5 is being staked, a single 5 re-buy will be allowed if you go out before/at the first break (i.e. NO CHIPS REMAINING) or an add-on at the first break as this would take it up to the 10 maximum (Starting from April 11th 2014). Please note that Rule 6 will still be in force and that a re-buy must happen straight away or you will be deemed out of the game.

4. Players must also accept without argument the decisions made by the named operator of the event.

5. Only players named on a membership card have the right to play using that identity.

6. Please note: buy-ins and side-bets are strictly forbidden in any licensed premises.
Ignorance or breach of this contract will result in expulsion from the pub poker league and possible legal action.

7. Players must of played a mininum of 4 games to qualify for the finals.

8. Due to the nature of the game, only ENGLISH is to be spoken at the table. Anyone speaking in any other language will be given a warning and repeat offenders will be removed from the game (with no refund).

9. Coaching strictly forbidden and any acts of collusion will not be tolerated.

At most venues, we do allow you to call during the registration if you think you are going to be slightly late. This gives you until the 1st blind raise to arrive and pay. During this time, you will be blinded out until you arrive. If you haven't arrived by the time the 1st blind raise happens, you will NOT be able to play.
Please gamble responsibly. For more information and advice visit
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